In AdsGraphy panel, You can add a direct offer direct from the admin dashboard. Direct offer is a campaign run by your direct advertiser in which Impression pixels has to be added on the landing page and conversion pixels on the thank you page after adding that offer.
Ok, Now Lets Start Adding one for a quick demonstration :

Make sure you create one advertiser account from the admin dashboard or the advertiser who is going to run the campaign, registered in your platform.
Now go to Offer>> Add Offer in your Admin Dashboard.
There is a simple form to start………..

1. Select the Advertiser to whom it will be billed for payouts
2. Give the Campaign a name
3. Write some words about the offer so that affiliates can know more about the campaign
4. Offer Image: Take note of this, the offer image you’ll upload here will be treated as offer thumbnail and will be shown to the affiliate as a offer thumbnail not as a creative. You can add banners and other creative later in creativity menu.
5. Offer Status : offer status means whether the offer has to be set ready to promote as it is added successfully or is subjected to be reviewed and further tests before it goes live. Recommended mode is paused. Because you have to send the pixels for each page to the advertiser and when the advertiser will place the pixels in respective pages, the offer will work properly. And then you can set it to active.
6. Offer Type : You can set the offer type to Normal of Featured. Featured offers are visualised on the affiliate dashboard first page.

7. Preview URL : Preview URL is a Quick preview offer landing page without any redirection.
8. Default Offer URL : This offer is the main URL which has to be tracked through the campaign. Affiliates will promote this URL and land their perspectives on it.
9. Conversion Tracking : There are four types of conversion tracking in Direct campaigns,while only HTTP Image Pixel and HTTPs Image Pixel are used. You can use HTTP image pixel conversion tracking for normal tracking and HTTPs image pixel tracking is used in secured connections where are protocols are secured with SSL.
10. Allowed Media and Disallowed Media : You have to instruct the affiliate about what manners of promotion can be used to promote the campaign.
11. Categories : Categorize the offer by selecting the appropriate category for the offer. If you see no category there, you need to create one from Add/Remove Category menu in the admin dashboard.

Now Comes Targeting. Select as many countries as you want to run the campaign in. Maybe your Offer is for a certain operating system user. For example, you are promoting a MAC operating system software, you can target MAC operating system for the OS targeting section.

Now it comes to select on which browser you will run your campaign. Select your browser and set an expiration date on which the offer will be paused automatically.

    • Revenue Per Conversion : This amount is the amount which will be billed to the advertiser. The actual amount which the advertiser will pay for each conversion have to be put here.
    • Cost Per Conversion: This Amount will be credited to the Affiliates Dashboard at conversion.
        Now Select whether the offer will be private or public. Private offers are not displayed to any affiliate until it is allowed to be show to a specific affiliate. Affiliates can’t even request for an approval on a private offer as it is not displayed to them.

Now You have to set the limit of leads per day at which the offer will be paused and will resume the next day. In case the offer is not available due to country targeting, browser targeting or any other reason, a secondary offer is preferred to be selected for the purpose.

Set the days when the cookie will expire. And check if the offer can be promoted through content locker, link locker, popups and banner rotators and click Submit Button.

Now the Offer is Added and now you will see a summary of the offer along with a list of pixel codes. You have to send the conversion tracking pixel to the advertiser and ask him to paste it in the HTML coding of the thank you page on which the Conversion will be confirmed.

Once the Offer conversion pixels are added on the thankyou page, you can set the offer live.