Affiliate/Ad Network Software

A solution to track, evaluate and optimise digital advertising costs of your network. Build and manage your affiliate network now!



Track and Act in Real-time. Track and Monitor live and watch your business growing with an unlimited data tracking solution.​

Reports and Attribution

Attain Clarity from Your Data. Use top notch filtered reports to monitor and execute your marketing strategies accordingly. Process Giant reports with our easy and comprehensive analysis sheets.​

Capture Performance

Track and Act in Real-time. Track and Monitor live and watch your business growing with an unlimited data tracking solution.


Real Time Incentive Calculation

All Affiliates and Affiliate Managers commission is calculated in real time.

Advertiser Interface

Advertisers can watch where their each marketing penny is being spent.

Performance Report of Campaigns

Customized Performance Reports to analyse and forecast your marketing expenses.

Activity Fraud Score

Any affiliate indulged in Fraudulent activities will be caught in a blink of eyes.

Affiliate Interface

Affiliates watch their performance in their own dashboard with their login credentials.

Third Party Postback URLs

Import and Export Offers from other networks to give more offers to your publishers.

Our Unique Features

Mobile Content Locker

We have content locker which is 100% responsive and optimized for all devices.

Link Locker

use powerful link locking to generate revenue and leads in style. Link locking makes monetization easy.

Smart Links

Video monetization lockers is there to empower affiliates generates large income on their valuable video content.

What makes AdsGraphy different?

AdsGraphy Provides you with an access to every heartbeat of your marketing strategies running in real time. With insights on Affiliate sales, leads and all activities, our tracking software is dedicated to keep you informed about each affiliate affair. We are committed to utilize each penny you invest in optimizing and tracking your network’s performance.

Want to learn more about AdsGraphy?

AdsGraphy is the only affiliate network tracking software which enables its customers to provide their affiliate with high quality monetization tools like content locker, video locker and video ads with real time campaign reporting.

Adsgraphy is indeed enriched with quality features like tracking solution for insightful, optimized performance marketing .We trust Ads graphy for our network’s performance with intelligent network tracking technology. It is easy to use having enlightening fast customer support. ”

Liran Brenner CEO- KeyPoint Media

Media Buying Tracker- AdsTracker

A tracking solution for media buying agencies and affiliates. To see how all your campaigns perform in one place. Start tracking now!