Are you still using link locker and content locket to earn money out of your videos on your website. Meet with the best performance marketing tool ever in the industry. This tool is very powerful because it interrupts the video at a specific time and compels the visitor to complete the offer to view further and generates high revenues.

Video locking : Video Monetization : Video marketing

In the present time 50% population of United States watch its favorite show on-line. Advertiser are so keen to show advertisements between the video streaming but it is limited to sidebar area only, in most of the websites. Video Locker is a script to use content locker in the video streaming at anytime. The Income per video view will depend on the country  from where the visitor is viewing your video and which offer he accomplishes.

How to monetize Video Content?

I guess, you don’t need any professional skill to earn money out of your videos on your website or blog. Simply, put the locker script at the time when suspension increases to its maximum extent.

Suppose you have a cricket world cup final match video which you want to monetize with video locker. You can put the locker at the time when the bowler delivers the ball and the batsman is about to hit the six. Now the visitor will not like to leave the video without watching it as a whole. However he would complete one of those offers in order to resume the video. As he will accomplish  the task such as download of a toolbar or completion of a survey.


Video Locker pause the video streaming and resumes after the offer is completed. The offer may be a paid per click, paid per lead or paid per sales basis advertisement. As soon as the required action is accomplished, the video is ready to watch further. This technology is like a boon for performance marketing companies and Video marketers. This Powerful tool has the ability to generate $1 per view for the affiliate because this is the most targeted advertisement.

The best content monetization tool ever developed in the industry.


The conversion rate in content locker is very low yet and advertisers are not paying very high amount on each conversion. With content locker, visitor can not watch even a second of the video before completing the offer. While Video Locker is wiping all those issues with content locker. It allows a visitor to watch the video till a specified time and as the specified time is reached, the video is paused.

For Publishers

Till now publishers had an option to upload the video on you-tube and joining you-tube partner program to earn money for video views. But the problem occurred at the time when it comes to placing the video on the web page. But Video Locker allows a publisher to use the video locker and get the embed code to display it on a web page or a splash page.

Q. How would I show ads using Video Locker?
A. Showing ads between video streaming is very easy with video locker. Simply upload your video and get embed code. This does not take a bit of your own hosting disc space. Embed code does everything for you.

For Advertisers

Video Locker is the best tool for performance Marketing companies and advertisers love to pay for the sales and leads rather than clicks and impressions. Conclusion Video Locker is the all new revolutionary video marketing tool and going to rock the performance marketing industry.