Affiliate Networks spend piles of money in promoting their affiliate program and recruiting affiliate managers to manage highly qualified affiliates but do you know why most of them fail in expanding and collapse very shortly?
Nothing more suicidal than spending $1000 on media buying, $200 on Affiliates Manager’s salary and another $100 for coffee with business consultant and leaving the rest on a poor tracking platform. Tracking each activity of the affiliate with a determined aim to kick the Affiliate Fraud and track leads in real time becomes the necessity to enlarge your affiliate network’s revenue.

What should you be looking for in a Tracking Platform?

Tracking software is subjected to track a limited number of clicks and impressions and later on the extraordinary rates are charged on your credit card. You should look for a tracking solution which can not only track leads effectively but also can track up to unlimited click without any extra cost.
Besides the number of clicks, one more thing has to be given due attention while ordering and paying for a network tracking software which is professional affiliate tools. Every new entrepreneur knows that, with content locking and pop-up ads, publishers fetch a good amount of money and that makes the network a good revenue. Some network tracking softwares deprives you of using these tools in a starter or basic plan.

What Else is required?

Content locker is not all you need for better affiliate marketing. There are a lot of tools which help you targetting advertisements for good EPC and Revenue over investment. These tools help an affiliate visualizing the advertisement in the best way it even can. These tools namely are

  1. Device Validation
  2. Browser validation
  3. Geo Targetting
  4. Banner Rotator

The Need of Integration with other tracking platforms

The biggest crunch of performance marketing is that affiliates work like super affiliates and they deliver the offer to sub-affiliates. In this case the tracking platform use which super affiliate uses can be different from that of yours. So if your tracking platform can get integrated with other by Postbacks support, you will attract more affiliates then.
AdsGraphy Affiliate network tracking integrates with any other tracking platform like offers, cake or in-house software with postback support.

Mobile App Conversion Tracking (The Need of the Market)

Mobile Apps are getting promoted on the skyrocket mode. Affiliate Tracking Platform you are hiring for your network must be comfortable in tracking mobile apps downloads and installs.
Using a platform that track mobile app downloads and installs leads can bring you more advertiser. This is the attraction of the day for Advertisers. And at present, there are a lot of performance marketing networks running only on mobile app campaigns.