Offers Management

Caps Management

Manage caps based on conversions, revenue and payouts, by offers or by affiliates. You can also set private caps and assign to specific affiliates.

Offer Access

Authorize affiliates’ access to offers by setting status – Private, Public or Require Approval. You have full control on matching offers to the right affiliates.

Offer Category

Customize categories for offers to enable Advertiser Managers to manage and view performance by categories, and enable Affiliate Managers to match offers easily.

Intelligent Redirect

3 levels of redirections to ensure every click matches an offer at 99% chance. Reduce waste of traffic and increase ROI with affiliates.

Targeting Control

Accurately find the right users by multi-layered targeting settings, from targeting geographies to specific devices and operating systems. Campaigns are optimized more effectively.

Multiple Payout Models

Multiple payout models including CPI, CPA, CPS & CPC. Easily select the right performance measurement and deploy multiple business models on one platform.

Counter-Fraud & Alert

Fraud Prevention

Protect your brand and combat fraud proactively with our proprietary algorithm. Take immediate actions on abnormal campaign behavior and spend smartly.

Alert & Notification

Automatically & Instantly alert affiliates for critical status changes. Alerts can be customized and only those in need can be turned on.

Block Unwanted Partners

Save time in managing offended affiliates. Freeze their account or block them with just one click.

Advertiser Security Code

Authenticate each conversion with a unique security code. It enforces all conversions to require security codes to be passed for authentication, preventing affiliates from affiliates trying to force-fire any postback URLs.

Affiliate Management

Affiliate Tagging

Manage affiliates more efficiently by tagging. Customize tags on thousands of affiliates, matching affiliates and offers a lot easier.

Affiliate SignUp

Facilitate affiliate SignUp process by using our hosted and easy-to-use SignUp form. Customize questions for deeper affiliate due intelligence.

Affiliate API

Empower your affiliates to integrate their software and automate their own workflow through their own API.

Billing & Invoice

Billing Facilitation

Store billing information of advertisers and affiliates in the platform, and save the trouble of losing key financial fact.

Auto-Generate Invoices

Easily generate invoices manually or even automatically with just a few clicks’ setting. Store financial information conveniently.

Invoice Adjustment

Easily adjust invoices and billings to reflect final accounting number after reconciliation, deduction and write-off.


All-in-One Dashboard

Monitor all marketing data and business metrics in one place. Save time reviewing health of your business and make better decisions.

Real-Time Data

Make instant decisions with real-time reporting system. Evaluate performance of every offer and affiliate by length of minute.

Multi-Functioned Reports

Access to a variety of reports to solve all business needs — general report, conversion report, test report, server log, and fraud report.

Custom Reports

Easily customize reports with frequently-used data points, and access your routine reports with just one click.

CSV Analysis

Export all the data to CSV files and run deeper analysis for better insight.

Network management

Brand Customization

Customize your platform with white-label interfaces. Tailor-make the platform with your own brand name, logo, favicon, colors, etc.

Custom Domain

While your network is hosted by AdsGraphy, you own the name. Let it be your own domain and let partners recognize you immediately.

Custom Email Servers

Set customized email servers, and communicate with your advertisers, affiliates and employees from your own email servers.

Flexible Team Management

Manage your organization more flexibly. Give your team members customized access to different functions of the platform. Have more than 2 levels of team structures.

Domain Masking

Convert offer URLs and other creative code with your tracking domain so as to protect the origin from affiliates.

Scalability & Reliability

Robust API

Seamlessly integrate your own software and applications to run on top of our platform. Empower your team and affiliates to automate workflow through API.


Global infrastructure and geographically distributed content delivery networks for high performance and flexibility for teams of all sizes.


SSL encrypted servers with 99.9% availability, redundant backups and DDoS mitigation to take care of your data.


99.9% uptime and strive for lower risks. Software upgrades, maintenance and bug fixes every week to keep you out of trouble.


Global infrastructure and geographically distributed content delivery networks for high performance and flexibility for teams of all sizes.