Have You set up your affiliate network recently and troubled now how to increase your affiliates and advertisers? This page is for you. Lets Get Started :

Honestly saying, expanding your affiliate business and recruiting affiliates for it very tough work for any novice network. Still i am giving some tips to increase your affiliates and advertisers.

Visualize your network on your website.

You can visualize it by showing a popup of your URL of your affiliate network portal or include a hyperlink to it on the home page navigation. By doing this, you can create awareness of your network among the visitors of your website.

Help New Affiliates by Publishing a Quick Start Guide

Create tutorials of affiliate sign-up, placing ads and using more tools like video locker, link locker and content locker and embed it on the main page or a separate page for which the title is “How to”.  By this work, a visitor who is not an affiliate yet but has the ability to generate money in affiliate marketing can become an affiliate of your network and start leveraging your business.

High Commission Rates

As you know “First Impression is the last impression” though. You can attract bloggers and publishers by attractive commission rates. May be Low commission rates such as 5% per sale or 10% per sale, the worst thing and the cause of high bounce rate as well. Because low commission rate can not encourage affiliates to opt in your affiliate network program even if it is much worthy though. So, to attract those affiliates, you will have to increase the commission rates. Either compensate it from your part or ask the advertisers to pay high commission rates. You can switch to other advertisers and niche where there is a lot of  commission and conversion rate is high. For example, adult niche is a high paying advertising niche where conversion rate along with commission rate.

Start a forum or use a FAQ page

If any person who is an affiliate in your network and suffers from any issue with his account or anything else, where should he report that issue? Contacting support team by filling contact form may be a worst way of helping your affiliates. You can start a support forum on your network website if your host allows you so. You can use a FAQ ( Frequently asked question) page instead. But for a large information, installing a forum script would be suitable as the answers will be available for future reference as well.

Communicate and invite Affiliates of your niche

Joining some forum and making forum members aware of your network by posting about your network program and describing it wholly would be super awesome. Use Top marketing forum and post details about your business in Affiliate Program Section. Interested people will asked to go ahead and you can send them PM or chat with them.

Write Your Own Terms and Conditions Page

Writing  full explanation of your program along with terms and condition, an affiliate must follow in a terms and conditions page, is a nice idea. Thus your affiliates would get aware of your policies terms like:

  1. The tier plan of your network program describing how deep your affiliates will earn.
  2. Payment information : How and when would they get paid their commissions.
  3. Mentioning the length of cookies to track delayed performance is a nice topic to declare in terms and conditions.

That is it.

Hope this would helpful to some of you.