Since we’ve got many question in this matter, we are writing for the purpose. This Tutorial signifies that you can add and broke offers from hasoffers.

This is a quite nice way to generate more revenue along with winning the trust of your

affiliates by having more and more offers in the list. As many offers there are in your

affiliate network, as vast your network seems to be.

Now here you can add offers into your own network from a network which is using

hasoffers tracking platform and assign the offers to your affiliates.

This is the most used type now a day.

Hasoffers software restrict an affiliate upto 5 SUBID’s for an offer. In case you wish to

give the offer to be promoted to more than 5 sub affiliates, its impossible.

Now you can do these simple steps as below.

Open you affiliate dashboard on the network which is using hasoffers tracking software.

Now open any offer and leave that tab open.

Now open your adsgraphy hosted network admin dashboard and click add a offer in offer


Now fill the form as usual.

Select conversion tracking mode to server postback w/affiliate.

Not put “{aid}” in the field SUBID1 in the hasoffers software affiliate dashboard.

The offer URL will refresh and will show a new offer URL.


Now cope the tracking link and paste it into the default offer URL area in the form you

are filling.

Now fill all details as required and save the offer.

After saving offer, you will be seeing pixel coding to be posted back on the hasoffers


Now Copy the code

And paste it into the affiliate dashboard >> offer page >> Your pixels/postback

Now you ought to change the adsgraphy tracking codes into hasoffers variables.

Change {aid} into {aff_Sub} and {tracking_id} into {aff_SUB2}

And click create.