How Important is a Tracking Platform for Network’s Performance?

Affiliate Networks spend piles of money in promoting their affiliate program and recruiting affiliate managers to manage highly qualified affiliates but do you know why most of them fail in expanding and collapse very shortly? Nothing more suicidal than

PostBack Option simplified in AdsGraphy

You will be very glad to know that you don’t have to visit the offer page to save conversion pixel for the same. This option is available in Admin Dashboard now, where you can add postbacks for any offer

How to Add a Direct Offer in AdsGraphy

In AdsGraphy panel, You can add a direct offer direct from the admin dashboard. Direct offer is a campaign run by your direct advertiser in which Impression pixels has to be added on the landing page and conversion pixels

Understanding Network Settings in Admin Dashboard

One can easily customize its Network’s Identity, Name Logo and much more.     Can Change LOGO in the ADMIN dashboard which will be shown in Advertiser and Affiliate Dashboards as well. Can Customize the Title of the TAB of

How to use Content locker

Since we get many question about how the content locker in adsgraphy is setup? we are presenting this tutorial on How to ADD content lockers.   As everyone know that content locker, link locker and content monetization tools like video

Add Offers to Hasoffers Network From ADsGraphy

Add offers from adsgraphy tracked network to a network tracked by Hasoffers Tracking solutions Now you have another way to circulate offers by adding affiliate offers from a network using adsgraphy tracking in which you’re an affiliate. Adding those offers

Add Offers From HasOffers Network

Since we’ve got many question in this matter, we are writing for the purpose. This Tutorial signifies that you can add and broke offers from hasoffers. This is a quite nice way to generate more revenue along with winning the

Video Locker : Boon for Performance Marketers

Are you still using link locker and content locket to earn money out of your videos on your website. Meet with the best performance marketing tool ever in the industry. This tool is very powerful because it interrupts the video

How to Expand Your affiliate network?

Have You set up your affiliate network recently and troubled now how to increase your affiliates and advertisers? This page is for you. Lets Get Started : Honestly saying, expanding your affiliate business and recruiting affiliates for it very